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Over 30 Years of Gymnastics Excellence

A Member Club of USA Gymnastics, the governing body for youth gymnastics in the United States, Chantilly Academy Gymnastics and Preschool (CA) was established by Margie and Jerry Cunningham in November of 1989. CA began based on an existing gym and preschool established in 1986 and has continued its commitment to serve families from all over the Northern Virginia area for the past 30 years while expanding accessibility and diversity of all its programs.


CAG strives to develop the whole child through teaching gymnastics using safety, positive reinforcement, and age-appropriate skill progressions.  We Specialize in Confident Kids!


Our philosophy is to provide children of all ages with challenging movement opportunities in a safe and enriching environment providing them with life skills, respect, and physical fitness.



CAG Mission:

CAG strives to provide each child with an enriching social, physical, and cognitive developmental movement experience through gymnastics.


CAG ACADEMYGym School Age Class Program Objectives:

  • Make moving fun!
  • Development of skills to enhance other sports and lifelong activities.
  • Create an enriching environment which elevates coordination, strength, power, flexibility, and cognitive abilities.
  • Goal setting and how to strive for excellence.

CAG ACADEMYGym Class Program Instructional Guide:

    • 35-38 weeks each School Year Session September – June
    • Event lesson planning followed by CAG Instructors include progressions (parts) and sequences (parts or skills put together) every 3-4 weeks 
      • Focus: 3-4 skills per event assigned by class level & ability.
      • Promotion Skills required for class level promotion are included.
    • Skill Progress Updates:  
      • Each level has a checklist of full skill repertoire on the 6 events – Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, Trampoline throughout a student’s attendance in class.  Safety Instructions & Rules are included in the students Skill Progress Update as well that can be seen by the parent. 
      • event promotion skill lists Evaluated & Recorded 2x’s per School Year Session to help keep a record of progress.
        • November Skill Progress Updates available through your CAG Parent Portal 2nd week in December.
        • April/May Skill Progress Updates available through your CAG Parent Portal in mid May through the Beginning of June.
    • Student Continuation of Current Class Program Level or New Level Promotions Recorded in each student’s Staff Portal and Available for viewing for 4 weeks December- January and 4 weeks in April-May each School Year Session:
      • Continuation: Upon Level Completion and Instructor Approval, Promotions are recorded in Jack Rabbits Staff Portal. Promotion certificates and notification will be emailed to each student’s parent as notification of Promotion. 
      • There will be 3 categories & dates associated with each category.
  • SKILL STARTED: Class Start Date
  • SKILL TESTED: November or April/May Date Tested
  • SKILL ATTAINED: If there is a date next to Attained, the student is able to demonstrate the PROMOTION SKILL or SKILL GROUPS safely and consistently independent of the instructor.


Office Hours – 6/17 – 6/21

10:00am – 6:00pm



CA is home to a large number of families in the Northern Virginia Area. We offer a wide variety of programs to meet the needs of our surrounding communities in Fairfax & Loudoun counties. Our state of the art gymnastics facility offers approximately 17,600 square feet of in which we house preschool age & school-age gymnastics classes, competitive team programs, and after school active kids program, The Ninja Zone Training program, special events, birthday parties, and a Traditional Classroom Preschool – CAPS.


CA’s staff have been trained in age-appropriate gymnastics skill progressions and safety, first aid, and CPR. Chantilly Academy staff members recognize their obligation to make all students and parents aware of the risks and hazards associated with the sport of gymnastics and tumbling. 
Any activity is inherently dangerous and could lead to injury. Students may suffer injuries, possibly minor, serious, or catastrophic in nature.  Parents should understand that participants can be injured while performing new or difficult skills even if they are spotted and have floor and landing mats around them. Neither spotting nor landing mats can prevent injury. Teachers and parents, together, must make children aware of the possibility of injury and insist that their children follow all safety rules and coaches’ instruction at all times.


Chantilly Academy Gymnastics is HIRING!

Located in Chantilly, Virginia- we have a Large Recreational & Large Team Program – Both Hourly and Salaried Part & Full Time Positions are Available for: Developmental Optional Levels 6-10, Developmental Levels 1-5, Xcel Optional Team Program, and Recreational Coaches.

Our staff is awesome, motivated, and are team players. Experience is a must and pay is commensurate with knowledge of gymnastics, USA Gym & other certifications, experience, and a strong work ethic. Referrals are welcome.

Please send resume with references to [email protected].