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Our programs are comprised of our KINDERGym Program which is our preschool aged gymnastics & ninja classes and ACADEMYGym which is comprised of our school aged boys & girl’s gymnastics & ninja classes.  All our KINDERGym classes are based on age and/or experience in our program.  All ACADEMYGym classes are also based on age and/or experience.  If you are NEW to CAG and have gymnastics experience, we offer evaluation times to make sure your child is placed in the correct class.

CAG does offer competitive programs on an invite only basis.  Please inquire in the main office for more information.


School year and summer students will be learning the basic progressions for all skills required at each level.  Please click here for a list of all our classes and descriptions.


KINDERGym & Twisters 5/6

No skill challenges or missions (Lil Ninja) are held for these students.  We allow our youngest participants to progress at their own rate.  If a student is ready to be challenged, the parent will be notified, and appropriate class recommendation made.


Twisters B/W & Up

***NEW FOR 2019-2020*** We are excited to offer a new skill progress update format that we will now call Skill Challenges.  Based upon recommendation of readiness by class teacher, students will be invited to participate in mobility skill challenges.  Students will be tested on the appropriate power skills lists in an obstacle course format.  Upon successful completion, the student will receive a bracelet of the color class they have been promoted out of ie. Twisters Blue/White – Twisters Purple would receive a blue white wrist band.

The initial skill challenges will be offered throughout the month of January during class times & on Saturday afternoons.

Ninja Zone

CAG Ninjas get promoted through a mission ceremony i.e.; white to yellow, yellow to green and green to blue.  When CAG Ninjas are ready to mobilize to the next level, the students will receive an email invitation to notify you of available mission times.